Sunday, February 3, 2013

Blackboard app

The new app for Blackboard is great! I can access the discussion boards on the go, check out syllabus and assignments and interact with classmates and professors anytime anywhere! The interface is really easy to use, perhaps even more user friendly than the new online BB interface!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

10 Tools Challenge

I just enter the 10 Tools Challenge as posted on Jane Hart's blog on Learning on the Social Workplace. I am looking forward to exploring a tool per month and discover new possibilities for intergrating technology into Second Language Acquisition!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

IALLT Conference 2013

Looking forward to the 2013 conference of the International Association for Language Learning Technology, which will take place in Ft. Lauderdale June 11-15, 2013.
Proposals are now being accepted through January 11, 2013, and I am planning to submit an abstract for the Film Trailer Project course in Intermediate French I, together with Dr. Rouxel-Cubberly.

Suggested topics include:
  • Best Practices in Computer-Assisted Language Learning
  • Professional Development Solutions and Challenges
  • New Frameworks for Distance Education and Hybrid Environments
  • Leadership in the field of Language Learning Technologies
  • Innovative Practices in K-12 Language and Cultural Learning
  • Lab and Media Center Administration
  • Generation NeXt, Technology and Language Education
  • Online Language Learning Today and Tomorrow
  • Student and institutional privacy issues in digital language learning contexts
  • New Horizons in Gaming and Virtual Reality for Language & Cultural Learning
  • Augmented reality for the language learning context
  • The Edges of Copyright & e-Learning
  • Mobile language learning
Information can be found at

Google Virtual Tours

In the past week, I looked at some tools and brainstormed possibilities for classroom integration together with graduating students. When it came to overview Google Maps, many wonderful ideas came out of our brainstorming sessions.
I am very interested in using the My Maps feature. I like how students can pin locations and embed their information and add pictures and YouTube videos. I like the idea of combining the use of Mymaps, Street View with screencasting and have students record virtual tours of their own maps. I particularly enjoy using ScreenOmatic for screecasting, and I really enjoy the latest feature of the tool, which allow for picture-in-picture screencasting using a webcam.
We also overviewed projects like Google Art, World Wonder and Google Lit Trip. The students were really enthusiastic and connected these projects with many of the skills covered by the ACTFL 21st Century Skills map, which I had previously distributed.
Overall I feel that Google Maps presents enourmous opportunities for language learning and teaching, and I am looking forward to piloting some ideas in Beginner French I in the Spring semester.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Word Clouds

I have always found Word clouds really cool and intriguing. They are a nice way to visually engage students with text, but until now, I had never explored ways to integrate them into a language course.

Today I taught a seminar and discussed word clouds with pre-service language teachers. I particularly enjoy brainstorming seminars, where you first illustrate the tool and give an idea or two of how you think it could be used, then you let participants input additional ideas for implementation. That's the format we followed today.
These are some of the uses we discussed:
- Project it on the screen at the beginning of the lecture to have students guess and anticipate what the topic will be about
- Practice for oral presentations using Word clouds rather than an outline
- Scramble sentences and have students put them in order
- Use word clouds as inspiration for speed writing or creative writing activities

I have come across this article on Language Learning and Technology that overview the use if Wordle in an action research project conducted in a Spanish course

Sunday, November 25, 2012

ACTFL 21st Century Map

I was aware of the document released by the Partnership for 21st Century Skill and ACTFL
At the ACTFL conference, Dr. Rosen also distributed this great infographic that matches the skills with Web 2.0 tools. Genious! Download the handout at

Go Animate

At the ACTFL conference I attended several presentation on the use of Comics for language learning. During one of these presentations, the presenter also mention the use of animated comics and this is how I came across Go Animate! Love the tool! I think it is super user-friendly and it really took me little time to understand how to create scenes and add characters and dialogs. So many emotions and actions to choose from for the charachters. I find it such a great tool, especially in role play situation. I can't wait to test it with the class I will be soon teaching.